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"Elephant Lore II" EP Lyrics

Walk Around Me



Bang, bang and the curtain pulls away

Last place you thought you’d see me

Swing, swing with the fixtures ‘bout to break

Look how I use your ceiling

You gave me everything

Earful, eye roll

Figure it out

How can you feel it, when I’m near it,

if you walk around me?


Wake up with me tonight

We all got our heads down, bump around

What I just hit? Bahh

Make a fast fist

Ignore me if you want to,

I’m scared of what we’ll both miss

It’s worth a try

For specs in the sky

Repeat Chorus


I saw you on the street

Heard you on the Greyhound, background

Never up close, Ahh

The thoroughfare’s closed

I wanna see what I find, sick of what I’m told

Not you or I

Let’s stop the fight

Want to?


Repeat Chorus

Bankroll, Cardboard

Pompous, Awkward

Days off, 3 jobs

Stances fostered


Dance ‘til the night turns blue

I wanna be with you

But I’ve got the feeling lately

Gone before the table’s empty

Windblown Wishbone



When I say don’t tell me,

Don’t tell me

Gotta use this day as disguise

‘Cause the sunshine’s good at decloaking

Can’t hide this heart with these eyes


Forget the feeling ‘cause there’s something after either way


Here we go again

Step back just take this money

I’m surrendering

‘Bout time I lick this honey

Yeah, who needs a friend

sideways with a backwards two-tone?

We’ll remember when

we cut lose

I’m windblown wishbone gone…


Too far, too long

Windblown wishbone gone…

Too far, too long


We’ll get along unless you get in the way now

Fast foot when I tell you “Let’s ride”

You can test the day but don’t break it

Can’t waste it like the last 5


Forget the feeling ‘cause there’s something after either way


Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

Windblown Wishbone gone


Windblown Wishbone gone


Windblown Wishbone gone

My Name Is (Innocent)



My name is “See you later”

‘Cause there’s too much in my head

Okay, maybe one more drink then

Because I wanna see your bed


I guess you never thought of me…

But I swear I’m innocent


I’ve been crawling walls,

Missing falls,

Just barely though

Call my name

I go reset and then address myself

Feeling new but has it been this way?

Hey, it’s more than just a little thing

It’s why I turn my head to you

Say how you feel and is it different than my mind,

Before I went and changed it again?



My name is “Wasn’t thinking”

Thought I saw it in your eyes,

To forget what you had told me,

And give the feelings room to rise


I guess you never thought of me…

But you think that maybe I am innocent


Repeat Chorus


My name is “Best foot forward”

All I have is what I’ve got

At least you call me something,

Because it’s better than you not


I guess you never thought of me…

But you see it now, I’m innocent

Repeat Chorus

Before I went and changed it again

Before It Gets Heavy



Yeah, I’m shy sometimes

What are you really askin’?

I could give you more,

Something filled with facts and

Great unknowns and stones,

Things I can’t control

Yeah, I’m shy sometimes

The quiet’s so fantastic



I know you think,

No chance that you’re gonna dance with me

Next thing, you blink

Bring another cup of that whiskey

How about today?

Feels right ‘cause the fear, it just left me

The good ones don’t wait

Better dance now before it gets heavy



Passing by sometimes

Wouldn’t even notice

The ground looks up to ask…

“Are you gonna show this?”

Walked away before I could get it out

But I can’t hold it in

‘Cause I don’t live there now


Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

Sun & Sirens



Look around

Treasure’s on the ground

It’s manifesting

Strike a pose

Hold the beauty close

Is this relief?


But there’s a cloud

We’re spinning towards it now

Second guessing

Rushing by

A peek into demise

It weighs on me


This blind side helps me to see

what’s on the other


Sun and the sirens

Confused as my mind is

Beauty with the bad and they fight


Doves and the Lions

butt heads to decide this

So where you gonna settle your mind?



The quick calm

I wanted all along

5 days coming

Mind’s eye

Light is in the sky

This masterpiece


In the air

Far away despair

Feelings running

Tough twist

Souring the mix



This blind side helps me to see

what’s on the other


Repeat Chorus

Did we find what we’ve been reaching for

since we were little?

Just a little

Before you get the feeling you’re the only one that’s singing

go and let it breathe

Before it falls on me


Is there anything still in store

that we can whittle?

Just a little

I can make a day out of time and open space

if that’s what it is

Come get a go at this


Swirling dichotomy

It’s tough to riddle when you’re little, yeah

The sun and sirens showed me…

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